61" Twin Eagles Electric Heater, 3500W, 240V with TEIC Control

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  • Electric heaters are more energy efficient than gas heaters and not affected by wind
  • Infrared heater uses radiant heat to warm people and objects not the air
  • Designed for low clearance installation
  • Swivel mounting brackets for wall or ceiling installation
  • UL listed for indoor and outdoor use

This Twin Eagles electric patio heater features 304 stainless steel casing; corrosive resistant parabolic heat deflector and swivel mounting brackets that allow the necessary 6 inches of clearance behind the heater. This heater is designed for installation at lower mounting heights (6 Ft - 8 Ft) to maximize heat where you need it most. Powered by 3500 watts, this Twin Eagles heater can warm an area approximately 10x10 feet and is UL approved for indoor or outdoor use. The heater is energy efficient with 90% of the input energy being converted directly into radiant heat. Perfect for entertaining in your backyard oasis. Twin Eagles products are designed and manufactured in the USA with pride.
240 volts 14.6 amps
Item Dimensions (in inches): 61 W x 8 D x 7 H.

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